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FALL FAIR and other 4-letter words

Ha!  I can see how your mind works already!  You’re thinking about NASTY 4-letter words.  Well,… In reference to preparing for the FALL FAIR  I’m here to say there are a mix of good 4-letter and bad 4-letter words at my house! Let’s start with

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Mama Mia!

Friday night's supper at our house is most often pizza.  If we're out, then maybe some other fare, like cheeseburgers, but pizza is still a top choice.  At home, unless I've been really pushed for time or not feeling great, I'll make home-made pizza.   It's

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When There’s Nothing To do

Ah ha! Winter has hit our area hard just lately! Last week the school buses ran only 2 of 5 days. This week started out with a couple days of closed schools, (and lots of roads)… My gal gets so busy playing with her LEGO

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Working Retail Can Be About The Dough

There is a quote by somebody semi-famous that goes something like 'to be really truly smart you need 6 months as a bartender and another 6 months as a taxi driver after you've earned your diploma'. I'd add to that-  work in retail or at

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Two Shots

Sometimes it's a long, windy and winding trip down the proverbial memory lane!… You won't need your GPS for this tale however.  The other night I was talking to a friend at her Grandson's birthday party.  Somehow we got talking about "The Bill & Bill

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September Song

For many parents and care-givers it's a long, long while from end of June to early September!  I'm glad my gal's back to school because she enjoys it and it's therefore not a fight to get her there.  Bit of a dragging of feet yet as

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Hello Muddah! Hello Faddah!

Early-mid June our daughter decided she wanted to go to a 'sleep-away' camp.  Many of the characters in her favourite books attend summer camp, some for the entire summer!  At 8 1/2 years old, our gal is not usually one to rush head strong into something

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‘Fore’ Father

There really doesn't have to be a lot of fuss and bother about Father's Day, does there?  If you live with, or live close-by,  (and get along!!),  you can keep plans simple and fun, for the whole family to celebrate Dad.  Cheaply enough too!  I really

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Dandelion Wine

Just  another reason why I like those pretty yellow things!  It's been a while since we put down a batch, but it's a bit of a novelty when you have friends over for a glass. Challenge some kids to pick the flower heads the fastest! 

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Sour Grapes

It’s not that I’d ever wish calamity to befall anyone in business, or to any country that relies heavily on certain exports to keep the wheels greased but,…  It has come to my attention that rotten luck has been suffered by South African and by