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Wanted: A Shepherd

My horoscope said “It is time” and yup, I read my horoscope every morning – not sure if it makes much more sense than tossing a dart towards the triple 20 – but at least it occupies my mind while the coffee water is boiling.


50 Seasons

It’s funny, as you get older, the little things you remember, the big ‘important’ things you forget. November 22nd, 1963 was one of those days – I remember all the hoopla and tears, but a month short of 6, it was how I saw the


An Early Thursday

For some the worst day of the week is Monday – fighting traffic after a weekend of raking lawns or watching the end of a nodding fishing pole. For others it is the dreaded Hump Day – halfway between weekends with a couple more hard


Finding Your Own Hallelujah

(Originally from Spirit Speaks!) I haven’t written much lately, life gets like that sometimes, the driving kids to school, fixing wonky computers and general “Hon, can you pick up some cream at the store?” life we all share in the second decade of the 21


Lift The Flap!

Until we Lift The Flap we can NEVER expect to think outside the box.  If you had one thing you would do to make the world a better place for the 99% of us who don’t earn 95% of the world’s money, what would you


The *New* Teeswater.Ca

You probably are noticing the changes around here… Welcome to Teeswater.Ca Light – less fluff, more local news from the Teeswater area. The reality is that I have been spending anywhere from 8 to 30 hours a week working on Teeswater.Ca – love what I


I Wonder…

In a couple hours the world’s attention will turn to a Russian resort town – Sochi – for perhaps the greatest two weeks of grandstanding, national hoopla, outright nationally sponsored cheating and ‘achievement through adversity’ we will see for the next four years. Now, don’t


Forever Young

Just over a week ago the world lost a great man, quietly, simply, just a notice from his grandson Kitama. And sadly a great man whose message is as relevant today as it was during the heady times of Martin Luther King and the Summer


Willie, Willie, Willie!

February 2nd – we are all waiting for Wiarton Willie. And then the pronouncement – 6 MORE weeks of Winter!! Gaww, this seems like an awfully long winter, though some of the old timers tell me this was once what a ‘normal’ winter looked like.Looking


Surviving Snow Days

Day 3 of our extended Xmas holidays – time to get organized before the Junior General goes through the roof! We’re lucky in that respect. Working from home and being ‘hands on’ parents with the JG makes snow days more like an extended weekend than